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Posted by Ravi shankar on February 23, 2009

Imagination is the beginning of creation.
You imagine what you desire; you will what you imagine;
and at last you create what you will.

-George Bernard Shaw

Hi Readers,

I started this blog with variety of imagination in my mind. I am writing this blog for various reasons. First I like to learn new things and then pass on what I have learned. I have a good knowledge sharing attitude but till I got the idea of writing blogs I could share only among my friends. But why not use the resources and technology and get connected globally for information sharing. So here it is with my blogs….

Here are my Blogs:

My Technoblog->


This blog is contributed with few good fascinating technologies that I am currently working with and is of great innovation if one explores over it. The blog is based on application provided by Cisco, Microsoft and many Techno giants in Networking. Hope this will be of good use to readers at beginner and advanced level.

Valentines Special-Together Forever->


“Lucky is the person who gets love and keeps the flames of love burning forever”

-The Flames of Love by Hifzur Rehman
Here is my special blog post on the wonderful and precious feeling of LOVE. The blog is for all the loved ones who have experienced the magic of Love.

Message of  Love:

Love makes miracles by comforting the feeling of connection and well beings. The problems and worries fall away to be replaced by solutions, ease and confidence. Love protects you in even the most despairing of times. One need to experience the power of love to heal and bring joy and success into your life.

Love is the fundamental truth of life. We are born to love and be loved. It is our natural state. Some people prefer to see this love as a characteristic of our humanity while others prefer to see it as the manifestation of a divine or spiritual source of love. Whatever our personal belief, the power of love is experienced when we connect open-heartedly with others and embrace our natural connections.

The problems in our life results from the denial of love- our separation from love that bonds all people and separation from the love that bonds all people and separation from our higher or spiritual source of love. In romantic wonderful making up relationship we then search for love from another person, or try to gain fulfillment from material possessions, to replace  the love that we believe in lacking within. This is a terrible mistake because until we have rediscovered self-love, we cannot give or receive love fully from somebody else.

The way to embrace our loving essence and our romantic feelings with our loved ones is to be willing to feel all our emotions and communicate with them closely. We can ask them about their feelings and commit to working with them to heal any fear.

As we achieve such healing within our wonderful making up relationships we will automatically discover more success in our lives, we will feel more fulfilled and will make us happier. We can all do this if we can find the courage to feel our emotions and reveal them within our relationship.

As our heart opens we will feel all the love that has been hidden behind our defenses and our wonderful making up relationship will go from strength to strength.


My heart is ever at your service.


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